Non-Affiliated Hospitals

If you're interested in completing a rotation at a Non-Affiliated hospital, the following steps are how students have previously obtained placements. 

Step 1:

Research sites you are interested in rotating at.

It is easier to get Ross University School of Medicine to approve course credit at a site students have already rotated at because contracts have been put in place before, but going to a new place can be done. It helps if the clerkship is with an ACGME accredited residency program, but is also not a requirement, as you can try to get approved non-ACGME clerkships. It has happened in the past. Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO)-affiliated hospitals are notoriously difficult to secure a rotation with because they usually do not accept applications outside of VSLO, but it has also happened in the past, so do not hesitate to reach out and ask the program if they would consider you for an elective.  

Ross University School of Medicine charges per week for clinical tuition, and this does not include fees dictated by the non-affiliate site (if they have any), so it may be more expensive to rotate at non-affiliates, and this is typically paid out of pocket. Updated tuition cost can be found here on Ross University School of Medicine's website.  Again there are many non-affiliate sites which have no additional fees, so it may not be more expensive, just something to consider.

Step 2:

Reach out to the clerkship director of that hospital for information on how to secure a rotation. 

There may be an application process. Alternatively, you may just have to request dates. You may also have to write a personal statement, submit a letter of recommendation, and submit a letter of good academic standing by the dean (Dr. Vivek) in order for the site to consider you. If documents are requested, email with your non-affiliate rotation information for further assistance.

Step 3: 

Fill out the Non-Affiliate Clerkship Request form found on MyRoss at least 2-3 months in advance of the start date of the rotation.

Step 4: 

 Email your correspondence from the clerkship site that states you have been approved.

Step 5. 

You may have to have a phone call with Carlos Solis about scheduling your non-affiliate. His contact his below.

Step 6. 

Krupa Patel will work with the clerkship director to put in place a contract between the school and the site which mostly includes the liability insurance coverage but may also include ensuring the course syllabus meets with Ross University School of Medicine standards to give you credit.

Step 7: 

Follow-up with both the clerkship and school adminstration (Carlos and Krupa)

Step 8. 

Once everything is approved, check your schedule. It will be posted there!


For more information about this process reach out to: 


Carlos Solis Jr. 

Clinical Advisor-CaRMS/International Specialist & Non-Affiliate

American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine

Ross University School of Medicine

Office of Clinical Advisement and Clerkships

Phone: 305-446-0600, opt. 3



Our secondary contact for getting approved non-affiliates is the school's attorney who makes the contract with the clerkship site and is in charge of putting in place our liability insurance at that hospital:


Krupa Patel, MIR, BSPH 

Director of Operations and Partnerships - Medical Schools

American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine

Ross University School of Medicine

O: 872-264-8225 | E:

Non-affilated guide created by Wendy Collins

This documents below contains lists of "friendly" non-affiliated programs. The programs listed in each document are places that RUSM students were able to secure a non-affiliated rotation.  This list may not be updated! However; it does give you a great starting point to reach out and learn more information about programs that are more likely to be accommodating to international medical students. It is up to you to reach out to programs you are interested in and inquire if the program will accept you. 

The links in the documents are not clickable, however you can copy and past them into your browser or download a copy for yourself. 

Non-Affiliated Programs that Have Previously Accepted Ross Students