Applying to Residency

Residency Application Walkthrough

Video Created by: Ryan Azarkhail RUSM AlumniApologies for the cursor malfunction! 

The timeline for applying starts sooner than you think! Make sure you're on top of deadlines, plan accordingly, and check out the examples we have. 

In this section you can find a guide for helping you fill out the ERAS application. It is mostly straight forward and there is only one way to do it but it can be very confusing at times! 

Writing the personal statement is one of the hardest parts of applying to residency. So, if you're having trouble with it don't be too hard on yourself!  We have provided some amazing YouTube videos that go contain details on how to write personal statements. 

Learn what you need to make your CV stand out! You'll find great examples and a few videos and guides to help you through the writing process.  

Learn the best strategies for addressing any "red flags" you might have in your application. More info to be added soon! 

The Residency Explorer tool will allow you to explore and compare residency programs in 25 specialties and compare your profile to applicants who matched at each program.

The AMA tool FREIDA (Fellowship and Residency Electronic Interactive Database Access System), allows you to search their database and learn about residencies. You must become a member but it is free to join and use the tool. 

Questions you can expect to be asked in one way or another. Questions for each specialty to be added soon!