Student Housing Submissions

Below you will find our Google Map which contains all the clinical core clerkship sites. Clinical students can submit information on where they are staying along with contact information with the Housing Submission Form found below the Google Map. This will allow us to build a database of housing options backed by students who stayed in these locations.  

Housing options shown here are NOT officially recommended by Ross University School of Medicine

This map is driven by student submissions. All information, especially costs that have been reported may not accurately reflect any changes that the owners have made since the submission. This map is intended to give students a point of reference for potential housing options in the area of interest, not an actual rental property listing.

We would also like to build this map to include affiliated and non-affiliated hospitals. If you are currently in an elective rotation at a hospital not listed on this map, please assist us in expanding our map to include elective sites by letting us know where to you're at using the elective site form button below!

Map Legend: 

Purple: Entire House/Apartment

Green: Private Room with Private Bath

Red: Private room with shared bath

Blue H: Core Clerkship Site

Gold H: Affiliated Elective Hospital

To use the housing submission form, you must be signed into your Google account. If you're having issues viewing the form on the page, please sign in and try again. If the issue still persists, try to use the "Housing Submission Form" button to access the form in another window.